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Marino Hire makes finding and applying for your next position quick and easy.

Create your own account by registering with minimal information (two factor authentication enabled).

The vacancies for various positions in top shipping companies will be listed, along with the vacancy requirements.

Fill up the experience and document details as required by the vacancy and submit your application.

Attend an online test, clear it, and move on to the next step in the recruiting process.

Choose your time slot and prepare for the interview.

New vacancies every day

Vacancies arise continuously. With a wide range of outstanding maritime organizations posting their requirements on Marino Hire, the opportunities on offer change constantly. If you don’t find anything you like then look off today... look again tomorrow. Better still, make sure your profile is set up to notify you when something is posted that looks as if it may be right for you.

All the support you need

The Marino Hire platform is designed to make it easy to browse vacancies, respond to vacancies we send you (because we think they will interest you) or that you see on our social media, make an application and progress it all the way through to being hired. You may never need our help at all. If you do, however, our experienced Maritime recruitment help team are here to help you in any way we can

The companies whose vacancies you see

Just as we want to help shipping companies find great people to hire, so we want you to be confident that any company whose vacancy you consider applying for is reputable. We welcome feedback -positive or negative - about your experience of dealing with any employer during the hire process.

Protecting your data

When you register your details on our platform, we ensure the security of your data. Marino Hire is GDPR Certified and SOC2 Type I Attested, which means that employers who advertise and manage their hiring using our platform rely on us for data protection compliance(when we are the controller), rather than having to be responsible for this themselves. The benefit of this for you is that you know your data is secure at all times. [Note: When you register logging in directly at our site, we are controller of your data]

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In many ways, but principally by consolidating the entire source and hire process for all your vacancies onto one GDPR certified platform; and by eliciting applications through the platform from interested and correctly qualified applicants.

ARS is flexible to accommodate most variations of methods. Which means your method can be incorporated into ARS.

If you work in the shipping sector, it can be used for every position, from Cadets to Master, Chief Engineer, and Superintendents.

Absolutely. We take the security of both employer and candidate data extremely seriously, and are GDPR certified and SOC2 Type I Attested, conforming with all European Union data protection legislation.

We can adverstise on your behalf.

You have complete control over your profile on our platform. We will never send your profile to any hiring organization unless we have received an instruction from you via the platform that you wish to apply for a job about which we have notified you.

Of course yes. Manning agents will add value here too. We shall tell you how when we meet you.

Yes. Like Manning agents. They complement our ATS.